Lab. of Pomology, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University

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Publications [Presentations 2020-]


  • International symposium on Advances in plant biotechnology and genome editing (April 8-10th, 2021, online)
    Invited talk
    Yamane*, H. The MADS-box gene family involved in the regulatory mechanism of dormancy in Rosaceae fruit trees.
  • Annual meeting of American Society for Horticultural Science (Aug. 5-9th, 2021, Corolado/USA and Online)
    Poster presentation
    Babiker, E., K. Nagasaka, S. Nishiyama, M. Fujikawa, H. Yamane and R. Tao. Genome-wide association mapping of phenology-ralted traits in southern highbush blueberry using ddRAD-seq
  • XII International Vaccinium Symposium (Aug 30-Sep 1, 2021, online)
    Oral presentation
    Nishiyama, S., M. Fujikawa, H. Yamane, K. Shirasawa, E. Babiker and R. Tao. Characterization of population structure and genetic variation of chilling requirement in southern highbush blueberry
    Poster presentation   
    Li, T., H. Yamane and R. Tao. Effects of 5-AzaC, an inhibitor of DNA methyltransferase, on fruit development and ripening   
    Nagasaka, K., H. Yamane and R. Tao. Evaluation of 'O'Neal' pollen performance on highbush blueberry fruit size and quality   
    Tseng, W-C., M. Omori, F-C. Hsu, H. Yamane, R. Tao and K-T. Li. Environmental regulations on flowering and expression of flowering genes in southern highbush blueberry   
    Omori, M., H. Yamane, R. Tao and K-T. Li. Pollination compatibility and parthenocarpic berry set in autumn-bloom rabbiteye blueberry cultivars and breeding lines
  • 7th International Symposium on Persimmon (Sep 21- 26, 2021, online)
    Oral presentation
    Nishiyama, S., C. Iwami, S. Wang, C. Tam and R. Tao. Physiological and genetic characterization of 'Totsutanenashi' a nonaploid persimmon mutant bearing extremely small size fruit
    Yamane, H., Y. Osako, H. Iwasa, M. Gao-Takai, J. Takeuchi, Y. Todoroki and R. Tao. Effects of Abz-E3M, abscisic acid 8'-hydroxylase inhibitor, and PANMe, abscisic acid antagonist, on bud dormancy release of Diospyros spp.   
    Poster presentation   
    Tao, R., A. Kuramoto and S. Nishiyama. DNA sequence diversity of the astringency-controlling locus in Diospyros kaki   
    Ishii, A., R. Makimoto, S. Nishiyama and R. Tao. Towards functional characterization of OGI, the male determinant gene in Diospyros   
    Kusumi, A., Y. Osako, R. Nakano, S. Nishiyama and R. Tao. Towards comprehensive phenotypic evaluation of shape diversity in persimmon fruit   
    Fujiwara, Y., S. Nishiyama, N. Onoue, R. Matsuzaki, K. Yonemori and R. Tao. Candidate gene analysis for the ASTRINGENCY locus controlling fruit astringency in Diospyros kaki using mRNA-seq and small RNA-seq data
  • International Symposium on Reproductive Biology of Fruit Tree (Nov 8-12, 2021, online)
    Keynote (invited talk)
    Tao, R. and T. Akagi. Dioecy in fruit trees


  • Plant and Animal Genome Conference XXVIII (Jan. 11-15th, 2020, San Diego, USA)
    Poster presentation
    Nishiyama*, S., M. Fujikawa, E. Babiker, H. Yamane, K. Shirasawa and R. Tao. Towards understanding of genome evolution of southern highbush blueberry by ddRAD-Seq.
  • Annual meeting of American Society for Horticultural Science (Aug. 10-13th, 2020, Online)
    Invited speaker
    Yamane*, H., T-F. Hsiang and R. Tao. Diversity of flower developmental characteristics in low-chill cultivars in Rosaceae fruit trees grown in temperate climate
  • 3rd Asian Horticulture Congress (Dec 15-17, 2020, Bangkok, Thailand/online)
    Oral presentation
    Hsiang, T., W. Chen, H. Yamane, S. Nishiyama, R. Nakano and R. Tao. Allelic distribution at SNP loci within bud dormancy-related QTLs in Japanese apricot (Prunus mume) collections.
    Li, T., H. Yamane and R. Tao. Effects of pre-harvest UV-B irradiation on anthocyanin biosynthesis in blueberry.   
    Ono, K., R. Tao. Characterization of a gene co-expression network associated with MGST, the pollen modifier gene of gametophytic self-incompatibility in sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.)   
    Yamane, H., K. Nagasaka, S. Ebihara, T. Li, R. Matsuzaki, M. Shoji and R. Tao. Evaluation of the effects of pollination on fruit size and quality of highbush blueberry.